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A Masters Guide to Taping for Golfers Elbow by SPORTTAPE

A Masters Guide to Taping for Golfers Elbow

As all of you golf fanatics will know, the Masters is the most eagerly anticipated golf tournament of the year being the first major that can be won. With the recent news of Tiger Woods being unable to play due to a long standing back problem, the odds are now in favor for Rory McIlroy to get his hands on the infamous green jacket.  I am sure many of you are getting back on the course after a long winter not quite made for the golf courses of the UK. A common problem that I tend to treat within clinic is Golfers Elbow (A.K.A medial epicondylitis). It is one of those little niggles you tend to feel in and around your elbow, that's not usually enough to make you want to stop but enough to hinder your game! Kinesiology tape can help reduce the inflammation around the elbow, ease pain and increase blood flow to the area. We have broken down the app into some really easy steps for you to try!


- Measure the tape from just above the elbow to the wrist - Prepare a Y-Strip - Rip the ends of the Y-Strip - Cut the tape if necessary (don't forget to round the edges!) - Flex (bend the wrist) down wards. This puts the forearm on stretch. - Lay the base with 0% stretch on the medial epicondyle


- Run the tails of the Y-Strip down the either-side of the forearm with 0% stretch - Anchor the ends with 0% stretch - Repeat with second tail


- Extend wrist to normal position - Prepare short I-Strip by using the centre technique and removing the backing paper - Stretch the tape to 50% and apply on point of pain on medial epicondyle - Lay the anchors with 0% stretch - Finish by rubbing the tape to activate the adhesion

SPORTTAPE is designed in the UK and manufactured using over a decade of experience producing kinesiology tape for some of the worlds best athletes. Based on customer feedback and thousands of hours of research SPORTTAPE has been created to offer unrivaled value for money and performance.

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