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Ayala Land Eyes Opening An Executive Course at Southlinks

Coach Drew Scott, former Mens Golf Coach at Rice University, Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines President Bobby Dy, Chairman of the Board of NGAP Gigi Montinola, Ria Scott - Womens Golf Coach at Oregon University, and Bobbet Bruce - Executive Director of JGFP, at the 2016 Ayala Land, Inc. Southlinks Junior Classic.

LAS PINAS, Philippines - Ayala Land is eyeing the creation of a 9 hole executive course at the Southlinks Golf Course as a way to support the younger set of golfers to get into the game.  This was announced by the Executive Director of The Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines (JGFP), Bobbet Bruce, at the conclusion of The 2016 Ayala Land, Inc. Southlinks Junior Classic, last November 19, 2016.  The creation of the 9 hole course on the other side of the driving range will help younger golfers from 5 years old to 12 enjoy the game with friendlier yardages. 

The opening of such an executive course will also help Jungolf parents manage their travel times when shuttling between two courses especially if they have children playing in two different courses in two age groups.   Ayala Land, Inc. has long been a supporter of the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines.

In addition to this development, the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines invited National Golf Association of the Philippines’ Chairman of the Board, Gigi Montinola, to witness first hand the efforts being done by the JGFP, showing that JGFP could align itself with the programs that NGAP has in the development of young golfers and in getting more individuals to take up the sport.

It was an action packed day at Southlinks with the
JGFP inviting the head coach of a Top 20 US Division I college to give a comprehensive talk on the ins and outs and the nuances of U.S. College Golf  recruitment.  The talk, done by Coaches Drew and Ria Scott tackled various topics including a roadmap of what junior golfers are supposed to do to be recruitable from Grade 9 or earlier all the way to Grade 12, academics, tournaments, overview of college golf (leagues, tournament, conferences), evaluation of skill, amateurism, maximizing schedules to get noticed, compliance and other similar topics. 

Overall, the future looks bright for Junior Golf in the Philippines.

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